Why Am I in the Philippines?

School has taught me too many facts about the present condition of the Philippines which I think ignited this burning desire in my heart to be hired in an advocacy-driven organization.  I always believe that partnership efforts between the government and its concerned people is a helpful step in aiding some societal problems. If the government fails to respond, then the citizens should initiate. Each and everyone of us should have this heart to render our service to our country one day.

I graduated last April 2014 and I have been searching a job for the past couple of months. Until now, I am still wandering of which opportunity to accept. My heart is dragging me to work for a community but I think I am soon to discover the organization that defines the same passion, either way, it can be me who still can’t decipher it.


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I faced opposition as I make this unpopular decision to venture into social work as a career. My family has a high expectation that I will apply for big corporations since I graduated with academic and leadership achievement. Plus, considering that NGOs do not really pay their people high, it’s an added factor that at one point my parents questioned me why I am passionate about the career path I want to pursue. On the latter part of my walk towards career discovery, I realized that if my higher calling is to help other people then what will make me able to do it? How will I equip myself to participate in this long-term life purpose? These questions are starting to convince me to study again, now specializing on my childhood dream – to become a lawyer. I cannot give what I do not have and that is why I want to study law.


Even if I will be given an option to leave the country and work abroad right at this moment, I will still prefer to stay in the Philippines, breathing the same air with my people. There is no such thing as a perfect government but what bothers me most about it is the way they overlook important matters concerning the Philippines including the needs on education, unreached minority, poverty alleviation, employment, youth involvement, public transportation, black ops that hinders justice etc.

The prosecution of country’s public enemy, Janet Lim-Napoles and the other disputes in the senate had been given too much attention which I fear that its opportunity cost is neglecting the societal needs that demand urgent response.

My consciousness on the needs of my fellow Filipino people is what makes me want to stay in this country. As I get to know the needs of my people on legal assistance, it makes me want to thrive harder in the field I am in and empower myself in order to render my service to them one day.

I don’t want to appear like a super hero who will save the entire world, I just want to make myself as a contributor in making Philippines a better place.

I want a Philippines that makes the most out of its resources and its people. I believe that this country has so much to offer.



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I want to see Filipino graduates of business courses leading their own companies and employing their fellow Filipino people, propagating social entrepreneurship and developing economic opportunities from micro businesses.


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I want to see Filipino educators settle here in the Philippines and have this passionate desire to reach and teach the minority. I want to see the Filipino media report about the real progress and improvement of the society rather than echoing death tolls during disasters, I want them to share to the whole world how Philippines improved disaster management after Typhoon Yolanda. I want to see greater ratio of Filipino doctors in the hospitals, so that there will be lesser cause of deaths because of unattended patients. I want to see a new batch of Filipino lawyers who possess integrity, credibility and empathy who choose to serve the public rather than being blinded by money and deny justice to those who deserve it.

Realizing your higher calling should not only be concerned with personal advancement, but most importantly, involving others in your way up. If our profession does not involve helping others then I don’t feel like there is fulfillment at all. Our vision should not only be limited to ourselves but should also be extended to our family or better yet, to this nation. My vision for my country will only be possible if I am secured professionally, making me able to get in the system and raise suggestions on how to leverage the quality current rules, services, or programs.


I am 18 years old and there are more things to explore and learn. Maybe at the age of 22, I can respond to my higher purpose better.




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