Catching Evening Flights

Airport is one of my favorite places.
It’s a garden of different emotions – excitement in every arrival, sadness in every departure, hope in every tight hug, and longing in every sweet kiss.

It’s a gallery of different people.

Those who are catching business meetings in other places, those who are looking forward to an adventure, and those who are waiting to see their loved ones after a long time.

Davao to Manila evening flight (via PAL)

I fall inlove with life on evening flights.
Evening flights give me a quiet time in every take off as I wait for our plane to reach its highest point.

As I see the bright lights from above, it gives me solace to see the world from afar, a totally different one from it’s reality.

The bright city lights look wonderful. They hide the chaos and noise down there. They cover up the struggles and pain of every person and replace it with luminosity.

Evening flights make me think things through. It give me time to look outside and reflect why such events in my life happen, and if I am still doing things right.

Evening flights empty my mind from all the worries and give ne time to revisit my heart, bring out my pen and paper, and write from my deepest senses.

Evening flights don’t give me a sense of loneliness but independence.

Evening flights encourage me to put away my hectic day and embrace its peace.

Evening flights might be nothing for some yet it’s something I always want to catch.


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