From a Millennial: I didn’t take a vacation in the government, Sen. Bong-Bong

At the height of the political campaign in the Philippines for the upcoming May 2016 elections, I woke up to a post that broke my heart. Few days ago, a news article on Sen. Bong-bong Marcos’ tagging to the Aquino administration for a 6-year vacation in the government greeted me in my news feed.

Dear Sen. Bong-Bong,

I am speaking for myself, as a millennial who opted to work in the government fueled by my hope that Philippines can be a better nation.

I wasn’t born when your father declared martial law but as I was listening to the stories of those people who were scourged by your family’s cruelty, I must say that they are brave for surviving the dark ages of the Philippines. As a millennial, I treasure their testimonies as part of my learning in Philippine History

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Probably, you are a little disappointed because when PNoy’s Administration took over, he and his team took the courage to benchmark good governance and anti-corruption initiatives. As I was analyzing the efforts, probably one reason that made you think that he is politicking was when your family become recognized in the list of the notorious corrupts in the country. Well, putting myself in your shoes knowing that I am perhaps guilty, I might also think that (and I quote from one of your statements) “Lahat ng bagay pinupulitika.” Probably that’s also what other brave souls in the government think — those who wash their hands from corruption.


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I admire you. I really do. I admire where you get your courage to run for vice president despite the burden and misfortune that your family brought to this nation. Where do you get that good night sleep knowing that Martial Law slayed thousands of lives, left families homeless, turned youthful children to orphans? Where do you get that strong conscience knowing that the luxurious life that you enjoyed years ago caused the Filipino families hunger and poverty?Tell me where.

It breaks my heart. As a government personnel who works at the background and experience the day-to-day operations in the office. As a person who defends government work to my friends who keep on asking me why I settled in public service, that government is corrupt etc. As a daughter who carefully explains to my parents why I am choosing to work in the government. As a millennial who believes that my youth should be dedicated in making a change to this nation.

I don’t know if you were just carried away by your emotions when you said, “Parang nagbakasyon ang gobyerno ng anim na taon” But Sir, I wonder, did you even consider those who are at the bottom of this bureaucracy who work hard daily to serve the public for a living?

There are unsung heroes in the agency who chose to stay in government service despite the Ifs and Buts. There are passionate young public servants with inspiring stories, senior government personnel who dedicated their lives in service, a lot of stories which were never recognized by the public. Public service even caused some government officials’ life and health at risk yet they chose to return to the agency. We have our teachers, nurses, soldiers, doctors, policemen, traffic enforcers, and other government personnel who served in the past 6 years and now you are telling them that they haven’t done anything?

You might have been serving in the government for years far from mine. You may have your values and principles distorted already yet that’s what majority of my colleagues are fighting for — PRINSIPYO.

I, as a Millennial could have ventured into a more convenient job not minding the problems of my country yet I chose government because I want to be an active participant of the change I want to happen.

I feel hurt for those fellow government personnel who know deep in their hearts how much they have given in this calling. It takes a big heart to work in the government and a deep anchor on the purpose as to why we are doing reforms and programs.

Being in the senate for 6 years under this administration, don’t you consider yourself as part of what you are calling ‘this administration’. Could this mean that you also did not do anything for the past six years?

Dear Senator, please don’t tell me that you haven’t done anything in those years. Don’t burden my heart and make me mourn for the crowd who voted you for Senator last 2010.

I need not to mention what this administration has done because I believe you have a staff to feed you with the information. (Or you may check the Official Gazette for this administration’s accomplishments :))

But I must say that I have no regrets in serving this administration. We may not have a perfect government but at least we initiated reforms. And if in case you and your fellow politicians will look into the loopholes on everything we have done. Please know also that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Six years is just the phase of bringing in the right team to do the significant reforms, planning stage, consultation, making new policies, and kicking-off the implementation. Six years is like the season of planting seeds. It needs time to grow, to nurture, and to bear fruit.

I am more than willing to serve this nation but please don’t put me down by saying that I (being part of the current government) have not done anything worthy in my job in the past years.

Government is not just about your political rivals up there in this bureaucracy. We who are field soldiers in this battlefield, the government staff, is also part of those people you insulted.

Thank you for exempting yourself in this administration 🙂



When Sen. Marcos said government had a 6-year vacation:



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