Why young people should consider government work

Most of the young people I know find it difficult to land a job after college. Some of them applied in their dream company but weren’t fortunate enough to get in. Some of them applied, qualified, and accepted the offer but were honest enough to admit that they only said Yes because of the pressure in the family on not having a job. Some were courageous and wise enough to reject an offer and wait for the opportunity that they really want.

After college graduation in 2014, I have a limited perspective for my career. I really never considered working because I expected that I will enroll in law school. Sadly, because of last minute decisions in the family they encouraged me to find a job instead.

Being a consistent student leader in college, I really didn’t see myself as a corporate worker. I picture myself as a changemaker, like any other student leader’s heartbeat. Probably, that’s why I want to be a lawyer because before my thinking is that by knowing and understanding the legal language and process, I can make a change in the Philippines through helping people with their legislative concerns. I see some government shortcomings and maybe it’s also a factor why I didn’t consider government work at first. I also feel intimidated because I thought government work is only for experienced people. I was in great search for a career adventure that will change other people’s lives, a work that will significantly impact our country. Working in an NGO was on top of my mind that time.

A sudden change of fate happened. After my first job as an English teacher in one college, I got an offer from a government agency and with all irony, I accepted the offer and gave it a try. Surprisingly, I learned that most of the people in our office are young people. Eldest among the staff is 28 years old. It proved me wrong that government work is only for the experienced people. These young people I know handle projects and assignments that are very crucial to the country. It’s empowering to know that our boss trusts young people’s ability to make everything successful. It’s an honor and at the same time, a big responsibility in our society.

The energy, enthusiasm, brilliance, and optimism of young people are what our government needs today. Our government needs people who are both visionaries and workers. With all the controversies and challenges that our government is facing, it needs fresh minds and strong souls who will recalibrate the process to align with good governance and 21st century standards. Our government needs people who are committed to make a change, willing to learn, and passionate to improve. Our country needs the youth’s talents and abilities to make its move forward.

Currently, I am part of the team that handles an agency reform and restructuring project. The daily work inside is undeniably hard but at the end of the day I still sleep with a fulfilled heart because I know that my efforts are dedicated to my beloved country.

For me, working in the government and helping out in the reform project is one smart decision that I will thank my future self.


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