#WeSupportPVF: It’s not just about Volleyball, it’s about Advocacies and Dreams


The Philippine volleyball community is now challenged by the pressing issue on Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) taking over Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) which causes to push the opportunities to its cliff. Recently, the official volleyball team line-up of the Philippines was launched, which as a supporter, gave me the hope for the Philippines to redeem itself in international volleyball tournaments.

I have high hopes that Philippine volleyball will prosper since teams are performing well in local tournaments and leagues, Philippine Team (Bagwis and Amihan) was already launched. Until the issue came, which lowered the momentum. There could be a bias as I write this article for our family is deeply passionate in developing and empowering Philippine volleyball. Despite of that, I am writing this from the perspective of an ordinary person who treats Volleyball as an avenue in making advocacies and dreams happen.

I have my reasons why I support Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) It’s because I know that they have these guiding principles in the organization.

  1. Educating and valuing its people

For some, Volleyball might only be a hobby, a form of entertainment, or a physical activity. But if you will look at the other side, it’s also a source of living. As professionals, we should continue learning and it’s good to know that PVF was able to gear up the knowledge of its members through various conferences and training for its referees and coaches. These series of conferences and training make our officials more knowledgeable, competent, and credible to man tournaments and leagues. As an organization, it’s important to take the initiative to help your members gain their competitive edge through education. PVF did.

  1. Increasing involvement

It’s not Philippine volleyball that the perpetrators kill, but the dreams of young people. Whenever I watch volleyball training, I can hear kids who always tell the players “Gusto ko maging kasing galling mo.” And so, volleyball fuels the hearts of this children to do better in life.These young people are looking for the opportunities to join try-outs, be selected, and play for the Philippines someday. The current PVF administration headed by Mr. Karl Chan and Sec Gen. Otie Camangian, made the involvement evident by opening more try-outs and opportunities for different international tournaments this year. There is a reason why we should keep Philippine volleyball alive, it’s for the dreams of young Filipino people.

  1. Sustaining Philippine Volleyball

If there’s one question in mind that I have now, it’s “Why now?” why will some people meddle with the current leadership now that the Philippine volleyball is slowly getting back on its feet.Now that the PVF has launched the National Team and created a ripple of support from sponsors, media, and the volleyball community, some people are trying to turn off the spot light.The current PVF administration started from scratch when they decided to revive Philippine volleyball. I think that alone is a good basis that the current administration is after the advocacy of reviving, strengthening, and sustaining the sport. If other people are really concerned with the organization, why didn’t they stay with it on its darkest? Why only now that the organization is starting to bloom. I hope this Filipino saying won’t happen to PVF “Ako ang nagsaing, iba ang kumain.” Let’s leave Philippine volleyball in the right hands, and that’s PVF.


We are calling for the support of Philippine volleyball community to win the right leaders who will give milestones not only for Volleyball but for our country. Use these hashtags to show your support: #WeSupportPVF #PresKarlChan #SecGenOtieCamangian #OneMillionSignatureCampaign #OneForPhilippineVolleyball

Why does PVF deserve your support? Because they did soemthing. Check it here:



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