Young Professionals Should Stay in their Workplace

We don’t realize our calling overnight. It’s a life-long journey of discovery, we will experience rough roads as we travel. There will be laughter, tears, disappointments, and rejections. We will lose strength at some point but our resiliency, anchored on our purpose, is what will make us survive.

Life is a rat race. Once we’re in the race, we are all rats, meaning we play in an equal playing field. We’re all in the Apprentice Level of life.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re giving too much yet we are still less appreciated. We tell ourselves, “I deserve more than this” Or “I could have been in a better state if I am not in this place” We start to doubt the decisions we made. We start to search for greener pastures. But how sure are we that by leaving where we are now, there will really be greener pastures at the other fence?

Young people like us tend to wander. We tend to jump from one place to another hoping that we will find our way. We forget to look at the bigger picture that our small consistent efforts are like a puzzle piece that will make the image whole.

It’s okay to get tired but let’s consider quitting as our least option. Don’t quit just because it’s hard.
Let’s choose to stay and win the fight.

1. Think of the long term impact of the things that you are doing.

Photo form Google
Photo from Google

People are vulnerable to pain. We easily get discouraged when we are not appreciated. We tend to have low morale which makes us unmotivated in the workplace. Compartmentalize and put your emotions behind. We have been in this state at times, but let us always remember the goal of the company/organization we are working for. We work not only for us to earn for a living but because we have a target audience who needs our help. Work may be discouraging at times but always remind yourself that, “It’s not about me alone. There are people who depend their hope in me.” Once you remind yourself of that, you will be enlightened that the greatest fulfillment in this world isn’t about self-reward but being a blessing to other people.

Our accumulated efforts and sacrifices will significantly impact the world. Choose to stay.

2. Let your calling be stronger than the odds.

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

We are living in a callous world wherein we get different takeaways from people. They don’t appreciate us the way we want to be appreciated. We don’t get the same respect that others give to us. Despite of that, stay kind. I remember one phrase that a friend told me, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” As I ponder on that thought I found the logic that yes, this opportunity might really be for me. You are where you are not simply because you are qualified but because you are called. We can’t control the thinking of other people or even the situations around us. We will be facing odds along the way, but we must cling on to our purpose why we are in that place.

If an opportunity is really for you, no one can close its doors just to discourage you. Choose to stay.

3. The world needs you.


The standards of this world is currently shifting as it starts to delegate important task to the youth. I find it encouraging that our bosses give us the sense of ownership to the projects that they give to us. For me, it means that you are working not only to follow the commands of a superior but to do it our way. It’s an avenue for innovation, and creativity. Sometimes, when are given big tasks, we doubt our capability to accomplish it. But always remind yourself that in the team, you have a unique skill set that they need to make the project work harmoniously. There is something significant that you can contribute. I believe that the current generation that I belong are intellectual revolutionists and change makers. Each generation has its own milestone. We are grounded in the idea that we want to change the world. Our workplace is a best avenue to start making a change.

You are an asset to make the change happen. Choose to stay.

We are all light in our respective workplace. We will commit mistakes and we should use that as a step to learn further. We charge everything to experience and stay proactive in life. Being an advocate of change is not easy, what’s important is we will not lose that human in us as we fight our battle. Stay empathetic and understanding, most importantly, don’t give up.


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