Dear College, thanks for the broken heart

”Some fears should be respected, as it can keep you away from danger. But we have to filter our fears which are irrational.” – Who Moved Your Cheese?

A Failure that Changed Me

Life-changing situations had happened the moment I chose to step out of my comfort zone and went beyond. Things seem to be tough right now especially that I am in the transition season. As I reflect on everything that had happened during college, I realized that “Going Beyond” or to go beyond is what really what life wants to tell me. It is a challenge that I should overcome.

Life is not always favorable on our side. Most of the time, it puts us to situations that we don’t expect and sometimes, situations that we don’t want. I don’t believe that life is unfair. It is fair. It’s just that we don’t know how to appreciate blessings that life is giving to us.


I am never used to rejections and failures. When I was still studying in elementary and high school, I always pass my exams, never had a failing grade and even got accelerated. Come college days, the stage in one’s life when you get to discover yourself more, you live in the cloud of curiousity, you open yourself to possibilities, you get to work with different people, and you get to experience the other side of the coin.

I’ve been running for student elections since I was a freshman. The time I ran for presidency, I lost. At first, it’s very hard for me to move on because that’s the first major failure I had. I cried for a period of time because I thought I gave it all but it’s still not enough. Then, I reached my saturation point and saw how I am letting go of other opportunities ahead of me. I stood up, faced the mirror and told myself “This is not God wants me to be.”“

I wiped my tears and remembered the “Going Beyond” battlecry. I must say, It motivated me to stand again and give myself another chance. That year, I was stabbed and killed twice. Failing two opportunities at one time. I can’t help but question myself what’s wrong. “It’s okay” I said. Life goes on. I need to be more patient in waiting for my blessing.

After all I realized that failing is a test of faith. It is how God wants us to discover ourselves and my purpose. I will never give up no matter how hard the circumstance is. I will continue to hold to chances and possibilities. A battle cry is not only meant to be said but to be lived. “Going Beyond” is now my motivation and inspiration to move forward.

To go beyond is not settling for the better but striving for the best. Now, it is challenge for me to drop my fears and take every chance. It is maintaining the good attitude and keeping steadfast and faithful amidst the storms of life.

Why be thankful for the broken heart:

If I didn’t lose, if I didn’t fail, if I didn’t learn my lesson, I would have not discovered my other potentials, I would have not known how to trust God more for His purpose in my life. Maybe if I won the victory that time, I still have this fear in my heart to risk and confine myself in the comfort zone. I would have not learned that I am not always on the winning side. Thank you for the broken heart.

Right Love. Wrong Person.

I read a quote that says “You will learn how to be strong when you have no any other option than to be strong.”

a broken heart starts with a broken love (by tiểu yến - rain™)

I loved. That’s it.

I seldom talk about love, because for me, the definition of love is something personal. Every person has a different meaning for it. I’ve been broken to pieces, until I came to a point that I will suddenly cry at the middle of our overnight thesis writing. I don’t know, maybe it’s when I knew I had let go of the best and instead, settled for the better. I just don’t want to talk more about it, but no regrets, I learned from it. I learned that when you weigh people in your life, be with the person who stayed beside you during your failures and not victories. The person who still appreciates the potential in you even if you are at your losing point. The person who exerts simple yet sincere efforts. Looking back, he’s the one that got away. (I don’t want to emphasize, I might cry. Kidding :))

PainfuI part is when you know you can’t undo the chances you wasted. What else should I do? Move on. I survived that heartbreak and I had let go of everything. I challenged myself that there is no turning back. Life is so wonderful and my happiness should not depend on other people but to myself. I stop over thinking of insignificant matters. I realized that people come and go. In my point of weakness, they are not always there to catch me.

I taught myself to carry my own cross and travel the other side of the bridge alone. I cannot always depend on other people for my strength; I should have my own. 

There is always a great opportunity every day. Don’t be disheartened by your negativity and frustrations. Be patient on things and people, it may not be meant for now but just wait maybe someday it will be. Do not give up just because you failed once. Always ask the question “What if” I always ask this question, ‘What if after this greater blessing will come?” It’s always too early to quit.

I just want to get to know myself more. I want to discover more of me. I want to enjoy the wonders of life. Meet new people. Gain new friends and store more experience.

Beneath every failure and heartbreak are blessings. After that you will realize that you are stronger and better than the person you are before. 

Why be thankful for the broken heart:

If I didn’t love back then and didn’t get broken, I would not have known the essence of valuing the right people in my life. I would have not appreciated to love then lose it and begin with the better version of yourself. I am thankful to the person, who broke my heart.

As I look back and appreciate everything that college taught me, more than academics, it’s about how everyday life in college will mold you. If I played safe, if I didn’t get broken, I might still be the same naive person that I used to be. As what one quote says, “Pain is our launching pad to something greater” Dear College, thanks for the broken heart.


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