A Young Boy in my Class

It had been days since I started my job as a teacher. It’s a different kind of feeling transitioning from being a student to being a teacher. My students remind me of funny classroom memories when I was still studying. Such scenarios include (1) My students looking down or pretending to be busy whenever I ask them questions (2) My students sometimes play the blame-game whenever I get mad. They blame their classmates for provoking me to get mad. (3) My students feeling excited whenever there’s only ten minutes left before lunch time. I can’t help but smile whenever I remember myself in the same scenarios before.


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Before going to class, I always review the module for that day but the most exciting part of talking in front is when I am able to include life lessons during discussions. One time after class, there was this male student who approached me and asked me a question, “Miss, I also want to write (he knew that I have a blog) but I am afraid that no one would read my articles. What will I do?” Hearing the question, I knew that my answer would make or break the dream of the young boy.

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First, I asked the student about the cause of his fear. He said that he is afraid of publishing his articles because he doesn’t want to have his works unappreciated by having no readers. I got his point that he doesn’t want to put his efforts to waste. Second, I asked him his motivation why he writes. He said he wants his writings to reach a wide audience. But I reminded him of the deeper purpose why someone writes, I told him that more than targeting wide readership, the core of one’s writing should be about inspiring other people through your thoughts.  To cut the long story short, I encouraged the boy to continue writing and post his articles online (he only keeps his articles in a notebook because of his fear of having zero online readership) I ended our conversation leaving him the question, “How will you know if you will not try?” He just smiled and said, “Thank you, Miss.” I know that somehow that simple question will make him think of the ways to bring out that potential in him.

They say the beginning is always the hardest, which is true. That’s why I think we should always be fueled with the right motivation on reaching our goals.



Like my student, some of us might find it hard to take the first step but we need to remind ourselves with the wonderful possibilities in life once we disregard our fears.


Recently, I met Atty. Arnel Casanova, he plays a big role in Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) (his profile is too long to narrate here) but to give you an idea, one of the amazing moves he did that led to his Harvard University scholarship is his courage in trying chances. He gave us 10 simple steps in getting ahead and drawing yourself closer to your dreams. I also share these steps to my students.



1.  If you want a miracle in your life. TRY.

2. If you had not failed a thousand times, you would not get a single success in life.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Take control of your life.

4. Free will is what separates you from other human beings.

5. Do not do what most people do.

6. Those who do not settle for less are masters of their own destinies.

7. Success is not one time big time. Success is a journey. It’s an adventure.

8. Believe in your capabilities.

9. Don’t over think. Just do it.

10. Break those chains. Learn to swim. Walk on water.


It doesn’t matter if we make the first step right, what is important is we tried.

We can never draw closer to our dreams unless we try. Bring out that potential in you because the world needs it. #YouCan


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