Surviving College: Where Wisdom beats Worry

God gave us a unique path in life. All of us have different stories in our journey. Seeing something more with others does not mean that you are less blessed. Never compare your life with others because you will only feel disappointed about yourself. Instead, find a way to make yourself better. Count your blessings. Give Thanks.

People always tend to feel down because they are getting dismayed by knowing that they do not have everything in this world. Don’t be envious for He crafted us in His own unique special way.

God understands that that we have our goals in life. He had already accomplished everything for us! All we have to do is to work hard to deserve receiving His grace. Whenever you are feeling down, always remember that you have a God that can feel. He wants us to get rid of our worries and perform our purpose with a happy heart and a positive mind. Don’t be pressured. Just relax and remember that you can do it. It is better to take slow steps first to obtain your goal that to take big steps without ensuring that you can reach the goal.

It’s really hard to live a worry-free life in college

Personally, here’s how I do it.


1. Set no expectations

No one in this world is perfect.

Being a senior college student is a matter of life and death especially to those students who are eyeing to graduate with Latin Honors. Some easily get frustrated when they commit handful of mistakes during a quiz. Well, it’s really alarming (especially when it’s an exam in Statistics) but what I realized is that we should not intellectually torture ourselves. Mistakes are acceptable but not tolerable. Forgive yourself when you commit mistakes.

As humans, we easily get disappointed because we don’t meet our personal standards. We don’t need to set high standards for ourselves. We should not expect things to be perfect or smooth. Don’t expect perfection in your first attempt, In every experience in college, provide a leeway for our friends’ comments and critiques. Take everything as a springboard towards self-improvement.


2. Don’t be pressured.

There are tons of tasks and commitments in college. We think that by accomplishing everything, we can please everybody, but that should not be the case. We should be doing things because we just love doing it and we are passionate about it. It’s really hard to work on something that you do not have interest in. So in choosing tasks and commitment in college, always choose the one that you are really fond of doing. Things you love so much that you would not make you feel that you are working on it. Also, learn how to say “NO”. Learn how to ask help from others. College requires lots of group works so don’t hesitate to ask help from your group mates. No project is worth dying for. Laugh often while working. It makes everything lighter.


3. Be Happy.

Do not over think things. The more you troubleshoot things, the more it becomes complicated. Do your very best and always find contentment in everything that you do. After all, you were the one who accomplished everything, so be proud of it. Look at life’s brighter side. Appreciate God’s blessings and give them back.


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