Investing on the Next Generation

The youth have the greatest power to become game changers of the society. As a young person, we may encounter objections from the elder generation. Some would think that we are not yet capable of contributing anything for the betterment of the society because we are lacking in experience and exposure to the reality. For me, age don’t define a person’s maturity. We may be young but we have vigilance.

During a presentation at the Kaya Natin!'s Lead Like Jesse Youth Leadership Training last April 26, 2013.
During a presentation at the Kaya Natin!’s Lead Like Jesse Youth Leadership Training last April 26, 2013.

Three years ago, I was only an ordinary student of our University. My only target is to finish college with good grades and find a stable job after graduation. Home-School-Home-School, I lived in that kind of routine until my second semester in my freshman year. Doing that routine everyday made me realize that getting good grades seems not to be enough to meet my satisfaction. I’m craving for something that I haven’t discovered yet.

Until one day, I got to know the world of student leadership. Like an ordinary neophyte, I am also afraid of interviews. I am shy and reserved when I’m with my org mates during our first few months together. I am totally different way back then. I am not as assertive like what I am today. I am not a risk taker unlike who I am now. In my experience as a trainee, I got to meet people who are caliber in the arena of student leadership in FEU. I learned from their leadership journey and was really inspired from it. They molded my values and character as a person. They made me discover my principles in life.

Now that I am already a senior and an officer, I want to pass on to the next generation everything that I learned and make them experience the life-changing events that I had. For me, empowering should go after my leadership. The word “empowering” is a very broad and vague word. Most of the time student leaders fail to properly actuate what that word really means. Along the learning process, I acquired the meaning of the term “empowering”. When we empower, it’s when we let a person speak out his opinions, think on their own and decide on situations. We let them navigate the ship and as their leaders, we only assist them on how to get on their situation. As leaders, we should trust the younger generation for as long as they are passionate with what they are doing, that alone is a good motivation to reach their aspirations.

Empowering the younger generation is essential in attaining the change that we want to see, If the youth will be empowered with the right goals and proper character, surely there will be a powerful show of force which can move the system of our society.

As young people, we will face criticisms and rejections because of our unpopular decisions. We will encounter intimidation but that should not hinder us from doing the things that we are meant to do. Like what Mr. Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society said in one of his leadership talks, “Feel the fear but do it anyway.”  We are young and we still have time to explore the world. Be inspired by the challenges and continue to take a leap of faith.


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