FEU Miting De Avance 2013

  There is a power that the Holy Spirit showered upon me on this day what’s why I was able to deliver my speech well. According to others, I was able to move them after hearing the MDA speech. Speech writing is difficult but sincerity comes out when you speak from the heart. Thank you for making me experience an unforgettable MDA. This is actually my complete full script for MDA, but I was only given a limited time that’s why I was not able to deliver everything on stage. —- Leadership is not only about continuing what the tradition has offered, it is about daring to break the tradition & going beyond! Good Afternoon FEU!  I am Jen Pascua, your IAS SC PRESIDENT! I never imagined that one day, I will be standing here infront of you to deliver my Miting De Avance speech. Standing here before you, I’m only bringing two things — my principle & my heart to serve. I may not have fame but I have what it takes to make a change. I ran for presidency to defy the system NOT the people who ran the system. On the past days, I’ve been hearing a lot of rants against IAS Sandigan. As the President, I chose to contain it because I know I should be grounded by my CHARACTER as a person. I only have 3 things to emphasize in my speech. Una, ang sabi po ng iba “IAS SC is not a training ground” Yes, I know that for a fact kaya nga po nasagot ko at ng mga SC officers ko ang tanong ng mga estudyante noong room-to-room campaign. Now, I am returning the statement to you, “IAS SC is not a training ground.” If you really know your visions for the Institute you can answer the students’ questions confidently, by yourself & without the help of others. Second, Academic Orgs are not mere dummies. Hindi po tau-tauhan ang mga IAS Acad Orgs. Stop taking your Acad Orgs for granted! Kung walang Acad Org walang IAS SC. You never know how it feels to hold a meeting along the hallway dahil wala kayong office. Stop telling me that having a limited budget is a hallenge to your Acad Orgs. YES it is. BUT if you truly care as a SC why not help us surpass the so-called challenge? Pangatlo at ang pinaka-importante, may gusto lang po akong klaruhin. Ang sabi po ng iba tataasan ko raw po ang Org Fee. Hindi po ako tumakbong presidente para pahirapan ang mga estudyante. Ang sa akin lang po, SANA tinanong niyo po muna ako kung paano ang proseso. Uulitin ko po, SANA tinaning niyo po muna ako kung paano ang proseso. IAS Students, hindi naman po masamang piliin ang option na taliwas sa nakasanayan. You cannot have the best if you will not let go of the better. IAS Samasa, thank you for giving the IAS studentry a Responsible, Effective & Dignified Student service pero sabi nga po diba “Learn how to give chance to others.” IAS Sandigan, thank you for making me a stronger & better person. Thank you for making me a Young Empowered Student! I would just like to leave this question to you, “Are you now willing to let go of the better in for you to have the best?” The challenge is not in me. It is in you. If you are willing to accept a new administration & embrace change.  Once again, I am Jennifer Anne PASCUA your IAS SC President! 


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